DigniSens facilitates the handling of incontinence, decubitus and the risk of falling – with a smart sensor device tailored to the needs of nursing homes.

DigniSens develops a sensor device, which can be used in the stationary care area and is intended to support people in need of care and the care personnel equally. The reusable device, which sits on the outside of the diaper, automatically detects "events" within the diaper and notifies the nursing staff immediately if a change is necessary.

An alarm on the smartphone or the nurse call system is all it takes - and the person concerned can be treated immediately. In addition, the device detects movements of people at risk of decubitus and alerts the nursing staff as soon as someone has fallen. Thus, the product sees itself as an all-in-one solution for various problems in the care sector.

In addition to the generated added value for the affected persons (quality of life, health aspects) & the nursing homes (work efficiency, costs, nursing quality), DigniSens' solution also has something socio-political about it: it wants to make a contribution so that people who are dependent on the help of others can age in dignity and benefit from technical innovation.

DigniSens team
Werner Lamprecht, Manuel Rainer, Stefan Ponsold, Elmar Deligianni and Simon Werba

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